•   ——KC千亿棋牌官网为消费者打造五星级售后服务体系


      ——KC fur creates a five-star after-sales service system for consumers


  •   KC千亿棋牌官网引进德国BOWE以及韩国顶级专业清洗设备,严选专业环保清洗油剂,资深专业技师主理,集清洗、祛味、杀菌、烘干、养护服务于一体。


      KC fur introduced German BOWE and Korea top professional cleaning equipment, strictly selected professional environmental cleaning oil, senior professional technicians, set cleaning, dispelling, sterilization, drying, maintenance and service in one. 

  •   KC千亿棋牌官网专业的改款师可结合客户旧款千亿棋牌官网的基础,参考顾客的个性化创意与需求,提供一对一量身改款,实现1变3:长款千亿棋牌官网可改为短款千亿棋牌官网+马夹+配饰,短款千亿棋牌官网可改为马夹+帽子+配饰……更有加肥、改瘦等多种服务。


      KC fur based on the customer old skin and grass, the change division of the fur-grass professional can provide one-to-one tailor-made to the customer personalized creativity and needs, and realize one-to-three: the long-cut grass can be changed into a short-style + vest + accessory, and the short-style fur can be changed into a vest + hat + accessory…… There are many kinds of services such as fertilizer, lean, and so on. 

  •   KC千亿棋牌官网拥有“黑龙江省特级裘皮染色资质”,聘请业内专家亲自主理,呈现顶级的千亿棋牌官网染色工艺——近百种颜色可选!


    KC fur has "Heilongjiang Province super-grade fur dyeing qualification", hired industry experts to personally manage, present the top-level fur dyeing process-nearly 100 colors optional! 

  •   KC千亿棋牌官网拥有近万平方米专业冷库,恒温、恒湿、密封、无尘,常年保持最佳千亿棋牌官网保存温度,可有效延长千亿棋牌官网寿命,延缓千亿棋牌官网氧化进程,增加千亿棋牌官网美感。



    KC fur has nearly ten thousand square meters of professional cold storage, constant temperature, constant humidity, sealed, dust-free, year-round to maintain the best fur preservation temperature, can effectively prolong the life of fur, delay the oxidation process of fur, and increase the beauty of fur. March to October of each year is the best storage time for fur cold storage, can be stored at the same time nearly one hundred thousand pieces of customer-stored fur. 

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